Self-Reflection Final Blog Post

This semester, I learned some important skills in regards to digital history. I think that skills such as learning how to make a tidy dataset, a timeline, and the historical marker project were significant in helping me learn new ways to use history. I think these skills have been helpful because I had never been able to implement technology in a history class like this before. I really liked that a lot of the class was more focused on a hands-on approach to learning the technological aspects of historian’s work.

In my major, I think that using technology will influence the way I want to do certain assignments. I think that knowing different skills such as putting in data into a tidy dataset could help me if I need to record data for a study instead of just quoting it in a research paper. I think that as a social work major, knowing different technological ways to interpret data is useful especially when it comes to doing research assignments. I also think that it can help me in my career when it comes to doing clinical work and research.

When it comes to history, I felt like I learned more about Virginia. I think this was an interesting course because I felt like we were learning about its history and applying it with the technological skills that I did. I definitely applied my knowledge of history when I did my historical marker package on Robert E. Simon and a brief history of him founding Reston, Virginia. I found that I learned more of Virginia history when we also completed the timeline assignment on the history of GMU. I think that assignment helped me learn about some of the influential people and the process for naming it.

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