HIST 390 Blog Post #1

When I Google myself, what comes up are my social media accounts. For instance, typing “Lauryn Golinsky” allows my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to come up. These do not always necessarily reflect who I am, because I am more than what I post or tweet online. I tend to not post or tweet about too many details of my life because I do not want a lot of people—including those who don’t follow me—to know too much about me in order to keep most of my life private from strangers. I also am trying to maintain a good social media presence by posting things I feel are appropriate in the professional world, even though I am still a full-time student. I think this is good practice for when I am graduated and am working a full time job, so that I can maintain a good online reputation with my future employer and co-workers. I do not post anything regarding my private life or tweeting inappropriate things on my main accounts, because I know that this could backfire with anyone who knows me personally or professionally.

Sometimes, though, any accomplishments on Facebook or previous history of mine from high school pops up when you Google me. In this case, I am happy with what comes up because at least these things are what I want the Internet to put out about me. I am okay with jobs and strangers seeing my accomplishments of mine online because these are things that people cannot take advantage of, and so that it helps promote a good reputation for me when I have a full-time job. I think this is important because it sets the tone for how I will be perceived in and out of the work-place.

I think that my website with help me maintain a good online presence in that it will highlight that taking this course, HIST 390, is good for me in many ways. I think future employers and strangers will be able to see that I am learning about important concepts of using the internet such as learning about ethics and privacy, as well as about digital history. I think this will be beneficial for me in that jobs will be able to see that I’m learning information that can help me in the work-place, and so that friends and family members of mine can see that this is another accomplishment that I am okay with the Internet putting out there.

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